About 7 to 8 per cent of the total aluminium consumed in India is by the packaging industry. Growing consumerism and the need for better branding of consumer products has led to a sizeable growth in the packaging sector. Aluminium, by virtue of its properties, is a better substitute to glass, tinplate, paper and jute.

Hindalco’s high-quality aluminium is preferred for its superior alloy composition and metallurgical properties that meet stringent performance parameters. Our expertise is backed by the superior Wagstaff AirSlip casting technology. Hindalco’s aluminium products are used in various packaging applications like can body, closure caps, kitchen foils, tagger foil etc.

Hindalco brands:

Hindalco’s aluminium foil brand, Freshwrapp is considered as one of the leading brands of packaging foils in the country today. Freshwrapp kitchen foil is available from 10 micron upwards, while Freshpakk semi-rigid containers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The largest supplier of foil and laminates in India, Hindalco’s foil brands include Freshwrapp, Superwrap and Freshpakk semi-rigid containers.