Maxloader™ - Hindalco's aluminium truck body

Hindalco's impressive range of solid and hollow profiles for structurals, beadings, windows, etc. makes its extrusions a perfect choice for transport. Maxloader™ is an all-aluminium truck body made of extruded profiles from Hindalco.


Some of the benefits of Maxloader™ aluminium truck bodies are listed below :

Payload advantage

The truck with aluminium body has a lighter body weight compared to traditional containers and can carry more load. Lower weight also translates into additional savings to the business in terms of increased mileage and less engine and tyre wear.

Long life

Maxloader™ has proved its worth over the years. Its long life ensures that it outlives the life of any truck. Since aluminium refrigerated and insulated bodies have high resistance to corrosion and rusting, they are best suited for frozen food and seafood transport. Aluminium insulated bodies can easily last for 15 years or more.

Lower fabrication time

The Maxloader™ kit takes less time to fabricate. It is available in a pre-fabricated mode that can be fitted on the vehicle within 24 hours. Maxloader™ insulated bodies take far less time for fabrication than the composite type.

Easy to repair

The structure of Maxloader™ ensures easy replacement of individual panels, which is a cost and time saving factor. Over the years, our customers have been loyal to us while expanding their fleet.

Reduces fuel consumption

Replacing heavier body material with aluminium has shown an increase in mileage because of its higher strength-to-weight ratio. Use of aluminium in truck bodies results in less money used and less fuel consumed.

Saves foreign exchange

An aluminium truck body decreases the weight of the truck by 10 per cent, which is equivalent to a 10 per cent saving in fuel consumption. Thus, trucks with aluminium bodies hold forth a huge potential for additional foreign exchange savings.

Cleaner environment

A reduction in the consumption of diesel will translate into a cleaner environment making India a better place to live in. Therefore, use of aluminium bodies in vehicles will assist in reducing pollution and making environment cleaner.

Greener surroundings

Use of all-aluminium truck bodies will ensure that India remains green. Wooden truck bodies involve the felling of trees, which will be avoided if there is a shift to aluminium truck bodies.

High resale value

Aluminium truck bodies have numerous advantages like longer life, higher value and greater benefits. Vehicles fitted with Maxloader™ will consequently have a higher resale value.


Aluminium can be easily and endlessly recycled, which makes it environment-friendly and valuable. Recyclability of aluminium helps to save a lot of energy.